Jordana was nothing short of spectacular. She was able to edit my book while keeping it in my voice. Even though it was a topic she wasn’t familiar with, she only had four questions, which to me is amazing. Everything was done in a very timely manner and that included a holiday. Being that this was my first book, I didn’t know what to expect. Well, she ruined it for everyone else, because she set the bar higher than I could have imagined. I can not say this more enthusiastically, HIRE Jordana!

–Herb Thompson, author

Jordana was incredible to work with. She is knowledgeable, punctual, and went above and beyond my expectations. She really “got” where I wanted to take my work and gave so many helpful suggestions. She was truly instrumental in helping me with my creative process. I will definitely be working with her again.

–Jennifer Grant, author

If you legitimately want to elevate your book, Jordana Berliner is the editor for you. I hired her to do a major line edit, copyedit, and guidance through the self-publishing process for my fiction novel and can say with absolute confidence she really cares about helping you make your story better, while still maintaining your voice and intentions. The way she invested in my book, making sure each sentence, paragraph, chapter, and character arc was as clear and compelling as I intended it to be, has made me a better writer.

–Angela Berliner, author

Jordana was such a pleasure to work with as I was looking for someone who would really take their time and communicate. My memoir was so personal, and I wanted someone who was caring and had attention to detail. You can trust Jordana with your work. She is thorough, and you will not be disappointed. I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my book!

–Carrie Brander, author

For me, as a beginning writer, Angela provides usable tools helping me develop  structure and story in a way I would find impossible to do by myself. I am challenged to go forward in ways I didn’t think of let alone think possible previously. I would recommend Angela for anyone looking to get that story they have to tell out of their heads and on to paper. Or, anyone who’s looking to improve on something they’ve already created. Angela gives the most insightful and encouraging feedback, I always feel empowered to keep on keepin’ on.

–RJ Jones

Angela is a great, passionate teacher that cares about your story. Angela helps me organize my scripts. She has taught me how to keep my writing tight. She keeps me on track and guides me toward my writing goals. In the last year I’ve produced 1 spec, 1 original pilot, and now I’m working on my second original pilot. She gives superb feedback that elevates my writing. She’s full of insights and tricks of the trade! Angela is a talented, gem of a teacher that will help any writer become a better writer! Thank you, Angela! You’re the best!!!

–Laura Richardson, script writer

Jordana was extremely helpful every step of the way. She is punctual, professional and provided quality feedback and editing. I’ll be hiring her for my next novel!!

–Chris Galvez, author

She was awesome! Didn’t change my writing, but cleaned up some areas. At times gave suggestions which helped my thoughts find the right words. I would recommend her highly.

–Dodie Meister, author

Jordana has the amazing ability to make your writing sparkle. She’s able to hear your voice and not change it but enhance it. She finds the flaws in your story and suggests fixes. She’s thorough and meticulous. She’s your dream editor.

–Laura Richardson, scriptwriter

I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants to hone their craft, improve their writing, and define their voice. I had spent several years focusing on plays for theatre, but wanted to pursue my lifelong dream of being a television writer. Angela’s feedback and exercises are encouraging and demanding and help bring out the best version of your script. Her notes and feedback have deepened and focused my writing. I recommend Angela for anyone looking to tune up a current script.

–Joshua Zeller