Script Consultations

Script Consultations for Television, Film, and Stage

I will carefully read your script then provide thoughtful written feedback to help you learn what’s working, what’s not working, and what I think your next steps are in the revision process. I will give straightforward constructive criticism that will help you elevate your work while honoring your story. I look at structure, character, arc, clarity, voice, and formatting.

Screenplay: $300

1-Hour Teleplay: $225

30-Minute Teleplay: $150

Stage Play: Price depends on the length

The Free Sample

I will look over the first 3 pages free-of-charge to see if you respond to my notes. Also, it’s a great way for me to see where you’re at in the writing process. Sometimes, I get clients who would be better served spending their money on taking a class, rather than a consultation, and I will happily give them my recommendations.

What People Say

For me, as a beginning writer, Angela provides usable tools helping me develop  structure and story in a way I would find impossible to do by myself. I am challenged to go forward in ways I didn’t think of let alone think possible previously.

I would recommend Angela for anyone looking to get that story they have to tell out of their heads and on to paper. Or, anyone who’s looking to improve on something they’ve already created. Angela gives the most insightful and encouraging feedback, I always feel empowered to keep on keepin’ on.

RJ Jones