The Team

Jordana Berliner

My route to becoming an editor was not conventional. I received a BA in theatre arts with areas of concentration in human biology and ethnic studies. I received an MA in psychology. I trained as a geriatric counselor and published a thesis on defense mechanisms of childhood trauma. I was an actor and studied TV writing. So, how did I end up a book editor?

Always the academic and word nerd, I gained strong literary skills and a passion for editorial work. By working in film and theatre, I developed a knack for helping scriptwriters with story structure, character arc, and dialogue. When my lovely twin sister, Angela, an accomplished writer, asked me to edit her first book, I fell hard for the work. I received a certification in copyediting, and the rest is history.

Angela Berliner

I’m a nationally produced playwright and writing consultant for television, film, and stage. I received a BA from Occidental College in playwriting and religious studies with an area of concentration in Greco-Roman religion and early Christianity. I have my MFA from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television. I’ve taught scriptwriting to undergraduates, high schoolers, actors, and writers at all levels of experience. As a writer myself, I adore good constructive criticism. I want straightforward, clear, no pulling punches feedback that will help me know how to make my story as good as it is in my head. As a writing consultant, I give the kind of notes that I want to get—notes that will help me make revision choices to elevate my work. Looking forward to working with you soon!